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Vivace® Direct – November 8th, 2023

Voices of Vivace®: Callie Valocchi, LE, CLT

Callie is an Arizona native and grew up in sunny Scottsdale, AZ. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Communications from Arizona State University in 2016, but quickly discovered her true calling: medical aesthetics. Helping others feel confident in their own skin is her passion. She is a Licensed Aesthetician, Certified Laser Technician, and the owner of SkinFix Studios. Callie is committed to offering individualized skin correction and skin rejuvenation. She uses her knowledge of the most advanced pharmaceutical grade skincare science, combined with cutting edge technology, to create custom skin care plans that result in healthy, beautiful skin.

1. Tell us about you! Name, Credentials, Practice, Location, and how long you have been using Vivace® Microneedle RF.

My name is Callie Valocchi, I have been a Licensed Aesthetician and Certified Laser technician since 2018. I own SkinFix Studios in Scottsdale, Arizona, and have been a proud Vivace® Microneedle RF provider for two (2) years.

2. Share with us your favorite tip/trick when performing Vivace® treatments.

When I do RF microneedling treatments with Vivace®, I make sure to never neglect the neck! I strongly encourage my team and clients to always treat the face and neck together. Plus, Vivace® RF Microneedling yields such beautiful tightening and anti-aging results, I would aim to treat the whole body, if possible!

3. What are your go-to settings for treating someone whose main objective is prejuvenation?

When it comes to prejuvenation I typically treat at Level 4, starting at an 800ms RF Time for pass one, and Level 4, 700ms RF Time for pass two. I perform two (2) passes over the full face, ranging in depths dependent upon the area and the patient’s facial structure. I also like to ask if they have any areas that concern them where I will spot treat with a third pass.  

4. What are your go-to settings for treating patients who are focusing on rejuvenation?

If a patient’s concern is rejuvenation, I typically take a bit of a more aggressive approach, starting at Level 5 with a 500ms RF-Time, then decrease to Level 4, 800ms RF Time for pass two (2), then decrease to Level 4, 700ms RF Time for a third pass/areas of concern. Again, all treatment plans, depths, and settings are completely customizable to the patient, their concerns, and what settings their skin can tolerate. 

5. Tell us about your typical Vivace® treatment protocol/process.

My typical treatment protocol includes the following:

  • Step 1: Cleanse the skin
  • Step 2: Take pre-treatment photos
  • Step 3: Apply topical numbing cream to the treatment area for 15-minutes (pro tip: massage the numbing agent to drive it into the skin, plus it feels great for the patient)
  • Step 4: Prep device for treatment – select diode color, treatment settings, attach disposable tip & lay out items for post-care
  • Step 5: Double cleanse the treatment area, then apply an alcohol prep pad to ensure the area is clean before performing treatment
  • Step 6: Test patch a small area to ensure settings are tolerable for the patient
  • Step 7: Perform treatment (2-3 passes)
  • Step 8: Apply post-treatment Soothe Mask, give Boost Serum with post-care instructions

6. How do you effectively communicate the benefits and results of Vivace® approaches through social media, while ensuring accurate representation and managing patient expectations?

We film the Vivace® radiofrequency microneedling treatment process and post unedited before & after photos. My patients also like when I post an Instagram question box for quick questions. I also periodically host Instagram Lives where my patients and potential patients can ask me questions. Some patients will also provide video testimonials that give me additional credibility. I like to set proper expectations by explaining the entire process, how it feels, and what the days following treatment will look like as well. 

7. What is your favorite part about working with the Aesthetics Biomedical® Team (particularly the Practice Development Managers)?

I love when my Practice Development Manager checks in on our team and helps provide tools for events, social media, and advanced education. She helps me be successful in marketing and promoting Vivace® Microneedle RF in my business.

8. Tell us about your best patient success story with Vivace® RF Microneedling treatments.

We had a patient in her late 50s complete a series of three (3) Vivace® Microneedle RF treatments. She saw a drastic reduction in her fine lines and wrinkles and experienced a lifted/tightening effect with minimal downtime. That’s the cherry on top of a Vivace® treatment. Patients can get back to their regular routines so quickly and love that they don’t need to plan downtime around scheduling their treatments. It helps us use the Vivace® year-round in sunny Arizona.

9. What have been your most effective methods for turning patients into lifelong customers?

Listening to patients helps me turn them into patients for life. I listen to their concerns, rather than starting off with what I notice as areas for potential treatment. I also check in with them frequently to hear if any of their concerns have changed. This also allows them to communicate what is or isn’t working for them. Lastly, I always develop and explain their treatment plans so they have guidance and know what they can look forward to in future appointments as we build a rapport and relationship.

10. Where do you find most value in learning to keep current with technologies, treatments, and patient desires?

The aesthetics industry is constantly evolving so it is important to keep up with current trends and technologies. This shows patients that you are educated in your field when they ask questions about things that they see or hear about and shows that you care about giving them the best care and results possible. I like getting my Vivace® Direct text messages that will send me helpful articles. Aesthetics Biomedical® has done a great job of providing continuing education about evolving protocols and recommendations. I know that I can always rely on them to keep me at the top of my RF Microneedling game.

11. What is your favorite combination treatment using Vivace®?

I love to combine the Vivace® Microneedle RF with a dermaplane exfoliating treatment. The dermaplane gives patients a smooth, instant glow, while the Vivace® RF Microneedling stimulates new collagen and elastin and tightens the skin. 

12. What is next in aesthetics….or what do you hope is next!?

I hope the aesthetics industry can provide a faster solution to treating skin texture from acne scarring damage.

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