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Vivace® Direct – June 20th, 2024

Vivace Ultra™ Clinical Training Process: An Overview

You just purchased your Vivace Ultra™ device, what happens next?
There are a few different components of the training process, first your virtual didactic session, and second, your hands-on portion. Your training will take place with a member of the Clinical Training Team; our goal is to set you up for success and leave you feeling confident in your ability to treat anyone who walks into your practice.

Virtual Didactic Training
What is your didactic going to cover? Starting with the fundamental components of the skin, your Clinical Trainer will walk you through the hows and the whys that lead to a safe and effective treatment. Knowing and understanding the layers of the skin is crucial to accurately delivering the energy to achieve optimal results for your patients. Do we want to tighten the skin, work on adipose tissue, or bypass the melanated layer of the stratum basale? Knowing what settings to use to address patient goals stems from a fundamental understanding of their anatomy.

Your Aesthetics Biomedical® Clinical Trainer is also going to work with you and your team to build an understanding of the different settings your Vivace Ultra™ device has available to navigate. RF Level, RF time, Joules, Needle Depth and so much more are considered when preparing for a treatment. The RF Level will be determined and dependent on the desired clinical endpoints. Providers will increase the RF Level until the desired amount of erythema and edema is achieved. The RF Time is going to fluctuate depending on the patient’s pain tolerance and the needle depth will be determined by the epidermal and dermal thickness of the area we are treating. Your Clinical Trainer is going to walk you through understanding all of this and will explain the reasons why it is important in your Virtual Didactic Training.

Hands-On Clinical Training
After your questions have been answered and you have had time for the information to marinate, it will be time for your hands-on training session! This is where the good times roll! Getting comfortable with navigating your new device is an exciting time, while the device is very straightforward and prompts you step by step, you will also have your clinical trainer by your side every step to ensure your success.

You will learn detailed information about different components of the device, including:

The Guided User Interface (GUI) Screen
Here you can toggle through device settings, profile options, different treatment starting settings, and power options. After starting a first-time treatment, you want to record the assigned patient number for your records. Subsequently, you will be able to see and interact with the Vision Ultrasound interface and the RF treatment screen.

The Precision RF™ Handpiece
The ergonomic and streamlined Precision RF™ handpiece has only one button and a few key components for you to know. First, the insertion point into the device should always be secure. When attaching a needle array, you should always calibrate, hold the handpiece vertically, align the indentations of the handpiece with the plastic triangle-shaped inner protrusions of the needle array, and twist clockwise until it hits the stopper.

The Vision Ultrasound Handpiece
To utilize the Vision Ultrasound Handpiece, you will want to have ultrasound gel, tongue depressors, gauze, and clean skin. The handpiece itself does not have any buttons and should be held with light pressure perpendicular to the skin before pressing the “acquire” button on the device when you are ready to capture an ultrasound image.

Device Delivery
We know you are excited to become proficient with your new Vivace Ultra™. If your device has arrived before your hands-on training date this is the perfect time to get to know it. Begin by unpackaging and attaching the power cord and flipping on the power switch in the back lower right corner. When your Vivace Ultra™ device is initially booted up the screen will look different than it will during subsequent start-ups. Follow the prompts and connect your device to Wi-Fi, this will allow your device to perform updates independently and to back up your patient information to the HIPAA-compliant cloud software technology. Once the device is connected to Wi-Fi, we recommend waiting for further guidance from your Clinical Trainer before trying any functionalities.

Hands-On Clinical Training
Your Clinical Trainer will arrive ready to review and answer any questions leftover from your Virtual Didactic Training before orienting you to the device and diving into your hands-on experience with your models. While there is so much to learn, your Clinical Trainer wants you to have the most enjoyable experience and for your models to achieve great results! Let’s learn, have fun, and welcome you to the Vivace Ultra™ family!

While a single day of hands-on training may seem to fly, with the foundational knowledge you have from your Virtual Didactic Training and the ongoing support from Aesthetics Biomedical’s Clinical Training Team, you will be performing precise, personalized, and safe RF Microneedling treatments in no time.

Ongoing Clinical Support
If questions arise after your training, email to connect with the Clinical Training Team who can provide you with the appropriate guidance and resources.

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