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Vivace® Direct – January 9th, 2024

Voices of Vivace®: Amanda Sinka, LE

Amanda Sinka, LE brings over 15 years of experience to the Rochester Laser Center Med Spa team as a Makeup Artist and Skincare Specialist. Born and raised in Metro Detroit, her dedication to the industry comes after her own skin challenges as a teen. Since earning her Esthetic License (2005), Amanda’s career has led her to Las Vegas and South Carolina where she has continued to expand her scope of knowledge in cutting edge treatment options and esthetics. Her diverse experience and engaging personality allow her to utilize her highly-skilled background within the industry. Amanda has also managed her own beauty business before joining Rochester Laser Center Med Spa.

1. Tell us about you! Name, Credentials, Practice, Location, and how long you have been using Vivace® Microneedle RF.

My name is Amanda Sinka, I work at Rochester Laser Center and Med Spa in Rochester, MI and have been in the aesthetics industry for 18 years. I’ve been performing Vivace® treatments for 4 years.

2. Share with us your favorite tip/trick when performing Vivace® treatments.

I like to lightly pull down the periorbital area to access the under eye closely when treating patients with Vivace®. This allows the maximum benefit to treat and tighten fine lines and wrinkles in this area!

3. What are your go-to settings for treating someone whose main objective is prejuvenation?

My go-to settings for treating rejuvenation are as follows:

  • I use 20-30% overlap. Numbing time is 1.5 hours, and I treat 4 passes in total for each area; alternating direction for each pass; descending in depth per pass (e.g.,1st Pass: Level 5/1.5mm; 2nd Pass: Level 5/1.0mm, etc.). RF time is always at 500-600ms. Double cleanse after removing numbing cream & degrease with alcohol and rough gauze. Take photos- side profile, ¾ facing, and front facing. After treatment, soak soft gauze in cold water to remove any pinpoint bleeding. Finish with Skinceuticals’ CE Ferulic, Epidermal Repair, & SPF.
  • I typically use the following power and depth settings for my treatments. Full face will be Level 5 ranging from 1.0mm-1.5mm. Undereye, Chin, and Jawline are Level 6 and 3.5mm. I treat full lower face at Level 6 with passes at 3.0mm, 2.5mm, and 2.0mm. The upper lip will be Level 5 and 0.5mm-2.0mm. I often do a single pass on the nose and will use Level 5 at 0.8mm for patients with larger pores. If they have smaller pores, I will use Level 5 and 0.5mm.  

4. How do you effectively communicate the benefits and results of Vivace® through social media, while ensuring accurate representation and managing patient expectations?

As a practice, we strive to always disclose realistic results and expectations to our clients. When discussing treatment with a new candidate, we provide literature, education on what to expect during and after the treatment, a comprehensive treatment plan and share before/after photos as a visual of actual patients we have treated. This applies to all social media posts, and we never edit our images. We showcase real results at RLC. 

5. What is your favorite part about working with the Aesthetics Biomedical® Team (particularly the Practice Development Managers)?

I appreciate the support that the Practice Development team provides for us when we have any special events, such as our grand opening and anniversary parties.  I know they will help me make any event I host a success.

6. Tell us about your best patient success story with Vivace® treatments.

I had a woman who came to me while considering a neck lift (lower rhytidectomy). She was unhappy with how the aging process had taken over in that area and wanted the skin tighter and less saggy on the neck, as well as the jawline. I did 4 Vivace® treatments on her, each spaced four weeks apart. She was very happy with the results; the before and after pictures speak for themselves!

7. What have been your most effective methods for turning patients into lifelong customers?

Being knowledgeable, honest, and realistic ensures my patients return for future treatments. I always let them know that even after doing a series of Vivace® treatments, they should plan for long-term maintenance treatments.  The frequency of these treatments varies based on the patient’s condition and desired results.

8. Where do you find most value in learning to keep current with technologies, treatments, and patient desires?

I find that keeping current and up to date with the competition/competitor is how I maintain in finding the most value in technology, treatments offered and patient desires.  If I can offer my patients the best experience with the latest technology, I give them a superior experience that other practices cannot provide.

9. What is your favorite feature of the Vivace®?

My patients appreciate the comfort of the gold-plated insulated needles.  I also love that I can treat various areas of the body.  I’m not limited to the face and neck region.

10. What is your favorite combination treatment using Vivace®?

I always customize my treatment plan specifically to the client. If someone is wanting to improve elasticity and firmness in the skin, my combo treatment (multiple modalities) may consist of something completely different than if the client’s concern is hyperpigmentation/discoloration and scarring.  I don’t use a standard treatment when working towards a skincare goal.  I must listen to my patient to understand her areas of concern and then educate her about the best ways to target that area, which often requires combination therapies, like chemical peels, dermaplaning, and even lasers.

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