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Vivace® Direct – February 1st, 2024

Voices of Vivace®: Nyasia Miranda, LE

GlamDerm’s in-office esthetician, Nyasia is a native New Yorker who graduated with honors from Christine Valmy International School of Esthetics. She received her Associate’s Degree in Applied Science of Business Management from the Fashion Institute of Technology. She started her career in the salon industry working as a supervisor at a hair salon. She decided to go into aesthetics because skincare and beauty are her lifelong passions.  Her goal is to educate and provide the highest quality of client care to help them achieve healthy skin. She believes that consistent treatments and proper home care are two important factors in maintaining a glowing complexion. 

1. Tell us about you!  Name, Credentials, Practice, Location, and how long you have been using Vivace®

My name is Nyasia Miranda; I am the Licensed Esthetician at GlamDerm in New York City and have been using the Vivace® Microneedle RF for 3 years.

2. Share with us your favorite tip/trick when performing Vivace® treatments.

I like to give patients a vibration device to help distract from any potential discomfort. We also use a post-treatment serum, like Aesthetics Biomedical’s Boost Serum.

3. What are your go-to settings for treating someone whose main objective is prejuvenation?

We start most prejuvenation patients on Level 4, pulse duration at 400ms and depth of 2.0mm and decrease 0.2mm for each subsequent pass.

4. What are your go-to settings for treating patients who are focusing on rejuvenation?

We begin rejuvenation patients at Level 5, pulse duration 500ms, and depth 2.2-2.5mm depending on tolerance.  For passes two and three, we decrease by 0.2mm for each time.

5. Tell us about your typical Vivace® treatment protocol/process.

We cleanse the skin, apply topical numbing for 15-30 minutes, then use alcohol to fully remove the numbing cream.  We begin treatment on the cheeks then decrease the depth by 0.2mm and move to the rest of the face. For passes two and three, we decrease by 0.2mm. We conclude the treatment with Boost Serum and Soothe Mask.

6. How do you effectively communicate the benefits and results of Vivace® approaches through social media, while ensuring accurate representation and managing patient expectations?

We pride ourselves on being very transparent with our patients. We post before and after photos, post-treatment care, and product recommendations.  Patients know what to expect with a treatment from start to finish.

7. What is your favorite part about working with the Aesthetics Biomedical® Team?

We love working with Aesthetics Biomedical® because of how knowledgeable and available they are when we need guidance or assistance with anything Vivace® related.  I can easily reach out to the company to get insight on marketing and to stay up to date with any new materials or information.

8. Tell us about your best patient success story with Vivace® treatments.

I was treating a patient with significant boxcar and rolling acne scarring. It presented significantly in the cheek and temple areas. After completing four (4) Vivace® treatments, spaced four (4) weeks apart, combined with proper home care, she saw a great improvement in the scarring. The deep scars were close to the surface and the superficial ones had evened. She said that she felt more confident in her skin and was really happy with her progress. Our goal is to help our patients feel comfortable and confident in their skin. 

9. What have been your most effective methods for turning patients into lifelong customers?

We discuss their skincare routine and goals at every visit and keep patients informed about homecare and the ideal schedule for maintaining their results. We follow up with patients who have not had a visit in a certain period to see how they are doing with the results as home care regimens.  Our patients always appreciate the

10. Where do you find most value in learning to keep current with technologies, treatments, and patient desires?

Online portals are convenient to use at my own pace and I can always refer to review whatever I need further guidance on.  The Vivace® Digital Marketing Portal has all kinds of resources I can access at any time.  I will also check out the archive of webinars when I have time to learn from the industry’s best!

11. What is your favorite feature of the Vivace®?

I love using the red and blue lights; I will switch between the two for patients who are acne prone but also want to address scarring. I also appreciate the minimal downtime with powerful results. It makes the patients more inclined to invest in their skin. 

12. What is your favorite combination treatment using Vivace®?

My favorite combination treatment is Vivace® + PRP; this is a game changer! The results are unmatched, and patients love their results.

13. What is next in aesthetics….or what do you hope is next!?

I am excited to learn more about additional combination therapies that will make Vivace® treatments even more effective!

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